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Explore limitless design and functional possibilities with the power of Porcelain slabs. We have a fine selection that both expresses your individuality and represents the latest trends in interior design.

Italstone slabs resist at all temperatures, shocks, to scratches and abrasions, to acids and molds. They are hygienic and anabsorbent because they are not porous.

Made with natural raw materials, Italstone slabs resist everything, including time and changing fashions

Low Maintenance

Functional and easy to clean, Italstone slabs are the perfect solution for worktops

Hygienic, mold and mildew resistant

Italstone slabs are perfect for food preparation, where the utmost hygiene and cleanliness are required

Scratch resistant

Tested for direct use with food, blades, liquids and very hot surfaces, they resist wear and maintain their qualities unaltered over time

Acid and alkali resistant

Structurally hygienic and compact, Italstone slabs stand up to detergents and acids

Flexural strength

Italstone slabs are resistant to bending, stress and foot traffic

Frost resistant

Italstone slabs resist frost and wear and maintain their qualities unaltered over time

UV rays resistant

Italstone slabs ensure maximum resistance to atmospheric agents, UV rays and urban pollution

Stain resistant

The slabs are 100% environmentally friendly and are stain resistant

Heat resistant

Our SLABs resist all temperatures: they are ideal for professional kitchens because they ensure the highest technical performance

Waterproof and nonporous

They are hygienic and anabsorbent because they are not porous

Chemical resistant

Italstone slabs resist detergents, chemical attacks, and molds.

Extra size

Available in large sizes, 160x320cm, thickness 6 and 12mm

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